Hi, I know I have just recently done a blog about body image and body shaming, but some people still don’t get it. There has recently been an uproar on Twitter, Instagram and Vine over the “don’t judge me challenge” in which people have made themselves to appear “ugly” in societies eyes. People have made themselves to appear this way by using eyeliner or sharpie or whatever the heck they use to draw on acne, glasses, unibrows, and braces. After they make themselves look not even ugly, just flat out ridiculous, they put lotion on their face and cover up the screen, then bam someone gorgeous appears in front of you. All of this to say, “hey some people struggle with some of these things, but here I am making fun of it and revealing that I don’t actually look that way. I’m actually hot lol.”

What are we proving here? And why is it called the “don’t judge challenge?” I do not understand. Take it from someone who has had acne and braces before, it does not feel good when people take something like that, which you cannot control, and points it out just to make you feel bad about yourself. You wouldn’t want it done to you, so don’t do it to other people. This challenge is stupid.

To everyone and anyone who has or had acne, braces, glasses, “bad” eyebrows, whatever is may be, do not let these people and society tell you that you are ugly because you are so not. Your looks won’t last forever, but a good personality and a big heart will last you a lifetime.


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