feminism and blogging.

Today I heard 2 comments. One was along the lines of it being especially hard and a big deal for women to go to college because typically intellect is not seen as a desirable trait. First off, let me just make it clear that going to college should be expected of both males and females. This is 2015 and intelligent women who are getting an education is not and should not be something new. Secondly, I am so tired of people, especially women, thinking that intelligence isn’t cute. We as women should be proud of being smart, and we shouldn’t have to worry that our intellect is “undesirable.” Being smart is something to be celebrated and news flash: it is not a woman’s job to be desirable. We are not objects. Let me repeat that; WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS. Following that lovely comment was from another girl that was about inequity of pay between man an woman. The bottom line is in a corporate setting a woman will make roughly 77 cents to a man’s dollar. Is this sexist? YES. This girl simply said that this type of inequality was fair because of the likelihood of a woman getting pregnant and having to go do mom things instead of working. This, I am sure is true for some women. But, hi hey hello, I did not ask to be born with a uterus so why am I getting paid less? It’s sexist, man. It just is. The Lord was testing me today, but this is how this blog was born. Sorry for the long rant, I’m just passionate about equal treatment.

-Allyson Hibdon


One thought on “feminism and blogging.

  1. well said, keep up and work hard on what your passionate about. It’s a great sense of complishment within and feels great! Loves mist mist


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