Hi, I know I have just recently done a blog about body image and body shaming, but some people still don’t get it. There has recently been an uproar on Twitter, Instagram and Vine over the “don’t judge me challenge” in which people have made themselves to appear “ugly” in societies eyes. People have made themselves to appear this way by using eyeliner or sharpie or whatever the heck they use to draw on acne, glasses, unibrows, and braces. After they make themselves look not even ugly, just flat out ridiculous, they put lotion on their face and cover up the screen, then bam someone gorgeous appears in front of you. All of this to say, “hey some people struggle with some of these things, but here I am making fun of it and revealing that I don’t actually look that way. I’m actually hot lol.”

What are we proving here? And why is it called the “don’t judge challenge?” I do not understand. Take it from someone who has had acne and braces before, it does not feel good when people take something like that, which you cannot control, and points it out just to make you feel bad about yourself. You wouldn’t want it done to you, so don’t do it to other people. This challenge is stupid.

To everyone and anyone who has or had acne, braces, glasses, “bad” eyebrows, whatever is may be, do not let these people and society tell you that you are ugly because you are so not. Your looks won’t last forever, but a good personality and a big heart will last you a lifetime.


Words to live by: Have courage and be kind.

I know that I haven’t been blogging lately, and that’s my bad. I got a little bit busy and will continue on like normal now that the semester is over. Today I want to talk about being, or rather, claiming to be, body positive.

For this generation, it has become as natural as texting to look someone we don’t even know up and down,  and then create a nasty tweet about them in turn for likes and retweets. My question is, why? what is the point? Making fun of someone’s appearance does not make you seem more appealing, it makes you look mean. Think about the words you are saying, or in too many cases, posting. That old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” is a total lie. Words do hurt, and it can stay with a person for the rest of their lives. People cannot control acne, or the scars that come from it. People cannot control the amount of freckles they have, or anything else about their appearance.  Some people are naturally thin, some are not. Neither one is wrong. People are insecure already and it is time that we take that into consideration before we start bad-mouthing or tweeting.

Do me a favor and compliment a stranger today. Let them know that they are beautiful and are worth loving. I think the world would be a much better place if we took the body positive epidemic and incorporated it into our every day lives. Think before you speak. Be kind, and if you have nothing nice to say, just be quiet.


tattoos: you do you, boo boo.

For my 19th birthday I got a tattoo. It’s on my back and has the Alice in Wonderland quote, “curiouser and curiouser” with a book. I spent a year deciding that this was exactly what I wanted and put a lot of thought into this tattoo. As much nice, good comments I have gotten regarding my tattoo, I have gotten twice as many critical comments about it. First off, let me just say that this is my body, and if I want one or a thousand tattoos, it’s none of anyone’s business. Second, this tattoo has a lot of meaning for me. It comes from Alice in Wonderland, which is my all-time favorite book, and reading has always been a way for me to become someone else, and get lost in an adventure. I’m an avid reader, so it just made sense. I know that Lewis Carroll was on drugs when he wrote the Wonderland books. This does not make me a supporter of drugs, people. I know that “curiouser and curiouser” is not a legit phrase, and curiouser is not a real word, but the Wonderland books taught me that it was okay to be a dreamer and an adventurer like Alice was. curiosity is often a good thing, even if it is a wee bit strange. How else would we learn if we were not curious?

No, I will not regret this when I’m older. No, I do not care what it will look like when I’m old. Who cares what they look like when they’re old anyways? No, I don’t view it as sinful. How about instead of judging and jumping all over a tattooed person, ask them the story behind it. It may surprise you!

Stay curious, my friends.

religion vs discrimination

Over the past few days I have been seeing posts about something called the Indiana Bill. Out of sheer curiosity I decided to look into it and see what all this hoopla was about. From what I gathered in the articles that I read, and clicking on the hashtag, #indianabill on Twitter and gathering information from rather angry tweeters, This bill is basically one that says it would be okay to “discriminate” against people such as gays, lesbians, transgender, etc as long as you are doing so in the name of religion. The governor of Indiana said that this was not discrimination, but businesses have to right to refuse service to people who fall under a category that religious people do not support. I myself am religious, but I find this type of law to be so incredibly hateful. Obviously private businesses such as photographers and caterers can decide who they provide business to, so why is there a need for a law? We should never use a law, or our beliefs to be hateful and discriminate against those who we “feel” are bad. I feel like we just jumped back 50 years and somehow this violates civil rights laws. John 15:12 states “my command is this: love each other as I have loved you.” This law does nothing but scream hate and judgement to me. Jesus calls us to love one another NO MATTER WHAT. Other people’s sin is not yours to judge, because you are not the ultimate Judge, God is. Hiding behind a bill does nothing but have nonbelievers view us Christians as hypocrites and simply jerks. Where is the love? We have got to start practicing what we preach, and practice it on everyone, not just the select few that seem to be “worthy.”

feminism and blogging.

Today I heard 2 comments. One was along the lines of it being especially hard and a big deal for women to go to college because typically intellect is not seen as a desirable trait. First off, let me just make it clear that going to college should be expected of both males and females. This is 2015 and intelligent women who are getting an education is not and should not be something new. Secondly, I am so tired of people, especially women, thinking that intelligence isn’t cute. We as women should be proud of being smart, and we shouldn’t have to worry that our intellect is “undesirable.” Being smart is something to be celebrated and news flash: it is not a woman’s job to be desirable. We are not objects. Let me repeat that; WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS. Following that lovely comment was from another girl that was about inequity of pay between man an woman. The bottom line is in a corporate setting a woman will make roughly 77 cents to a man’s dollar. Is this sexist? YES. This girl simply said that this type of inequality was fair because of the likelihood of a woman getting pregnant and having to go do mom things instead of working. This, I am sure is true for some women. But, hi hey hello, I did not ask to be born with a uterus so why am I getting paid less? It’s sexist, man. It just is. The Lord was testing me today, but this is how this blog was born. Sorry for the long rant, I’m just passionate about equal treatment.

-Allyson Hibdon